28 weeks (and counting!)


WHOOOO knew that pattern making would (and could) be such fun! I'm having a ball. . .and truth - some days (weeks?) are better than others.


The naming protocol is in full swing. . .the first name structure is helping with pattern recall and filing and retrieval. . .I sense it will be brilliant once I've renamed all of them! (Hahaha)


This week I formatted 30 patterns for samples from Spoonflower. . .eager to see what adjustments may be needed before they're ready to be launched for sale. Also working on the Abstract brief for FolioFocus. . .surprisingly challenging. 


Prep Talks was full of useful information this month. . .I'm mentally, if not, physically, planning my booth. Looking forward to getting the booth specs from Surtex soon.


I'm taking a "pattern" break this week (!) to help my best friend move house. . .so the #100dayproject may take a short break as well. . .I'll have to see how it goes. I'm seeing a pin prick of light at the end of the tunnel, though - only about 30 days left!


Have a fabulous week, all!

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