The window is closing. . .

Will a door open, for you, this year? Here's some of my story. . .


Before I began my Surface Design adventure, I had several other careers - I was a museum professional (so I could be near art, because I wasn’t actually an artist); I supported engineers in their efforts to improve quality and productivity (my husband fired me from this job - yes, we’re still married), I was a self taught graphic designer, and finally, what led me to Surface Design, was as a collage artist, seeking a way to put my own designs on paper for my art.


I think the biggest obstacle for me was a lack of process or “underwear” - not particularly sexy, but oh so necessary. My museum and engineering careers provided a framework and process to follow. As a self taught artist, I was adrift without the structure I craved. While some of the process was intuitive, I would spend days making art, put an occasional post on social media, look for resources on how to “do” this successfully, and end up feeling no further along than when I started. I knew, deep down, that there was another way forward. I found it with Bonnie's Immersion Course.*


Art making is rewarding and creatively gratifying, but I felt something was missing. Finding the structure and foundation Bonnie has created and offers, was the grounding and process I needed. I now have a roadmap to making this dream a reality - from tips and tricks in AI that I hadn’t known, to making the most of my web site, and - a big struggle for me - how to build my email list. . .plus, a structure for building a collection and storing my files. . .I truly found a fabulous treasure.


One huge accomplishment for me has been my increased speed and comfort inside AI. . .I had been using AI for 15 years for my graphic design work, but there was so much more that I learned for Surface Design from the Immersion Course. The insights and shortcuts that Bonnie shared improved my skills and confidence immensely.


I believe Surface Design chose me - it’s the perfect blend of design and creating beautiful function - in short, bringing art to life - that I had been seeking. I didn’t know it was a “thing” until I was looking for a way to create repeating patterns to use in my paper collage art. Once I found it, I knew this was how I would spend the next phase of my creative life.


If you’re wondering if the Immersion Course is for you, ask yourself these questions - do I know AI as well as I care to? Do I spend a large percentage of my available time dreaming in patterns? Do I spend the rest of my available time wondering how to turn pattern love into a career? Do I want to have a welcoming community of skilled designers with whom I can share my hopes, frustrations, process issues? If the answer to any of these is yes, then the Immersion Course is for you!


As you’re reading this, I’m recently back from my second exhibition at Surtex. I’m going through the contacts I made and sending out work for review. I’m also looking forward to the launch of my third fabric collection with Sweet Bee Designs. Signing a licensing agreement with Sweet Bee for bolt fabric was a dream come true.


We'd love to have you join the flourishing community. Enrollment ends tomorrow (Feb. 26) at 9pm EST.


(*This post contains affiliate links for which I receive compensation .)



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